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Mobile Veterinary Nursing Services

General Health Check and Oral Assessment

Examination of your pet from nose to tail looking at overall health and any potential health concerns. 

Nail Trimming

Using positive reinforcement your pet can have their nails trimmed without the anxiety of a vet visit.

Ear Cleaning

Using pet friendly gentle ear cleaning solutions keep your pets ears clean and free of bacteria and yeast build up

Light Grooming Services 

We do not operate full grooming services, however if your pet simply needs some matting clipped out around their face, paws, underarms or bottom we have the equipment and experience to perform light grooming services in a positive and stress free manor. 


Administering Medications

If you have difficulty giving your pet tablets, eye drops or ointments, ear drops or injectable medications we can help you out. As an experienced veterinary nurse your pet will receive its medication in a safe and stress free manor.

If your pet is suffering from an injury and requires bandage changes and regular wound monitoring but its difficult to get them into your vet clinic we can come to you. In these cases we would like to be able to contact the vet centre that your pet has received treatment so we can update them on your pets healing progress. 


Weekend and after-hours call out

For some reason whenever our pets who are normally great do get injured or sick it seems to happen late on a weekend or on a public holiday! Often the only places open in these instances are emergency centres. If you think your pet might need treatment for a minor issue but are not sure if its an emergency call us out to do an assessment. Before coming out we will discuss whats going on with your pet and depending on the issue may recommend you go to one of the emergency centres instead. 

* weekend and afterhours surcharges apply. See pricing for details. 

**All medication must be supplied with clear directions from your veterinary centre and prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. Medication intended for another animal will not be given to your pet. 

**As a registered veterinary nurse I do not diagnose illness or injury or prescribe medications. I will evaluate your pets overall health and if there are any indications for concern you will be referred to your Veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment 

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