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What is Husbandry Training?

As Ive mentioned before I am passionate about animal medicine and reducing stress and anxiety. Working as a veterinary nurse I constantly encounter situations where an animal has to be physically restrained or even sedated because they get so worked up over a simple task i.e. taking a blood sample or cleaning their ears. There is absolutely no need for these situations to be stressful and this is where husbandry training comes into play.

There are certain aspects of an animals care that are necessary for their health and wellbeing but that can be quite stressful if the animal has not been trained to accept them. Some of these behaviours include nail trims, ear cleaning, eye and mouth examination, teeth cleaning, beak and wing trimming in birds, medication, blood draws, crating, injections and many more.

Although it is common place to train these behaviours in zoo animals our companion animals are often overlooked due to our ability to restrain them because of their small size and forgiving natures. By using positive reinforcement training we can achieve the result where the animal actively chooses to participate in these interactions thus eliminating stress and anxiety for both animals and their owners.

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