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My name is Alexa van Leeuwen, your local exotic animal trainer and registered veterinary nurse from Perth, Western Australia and the Founder of All Pets Training and Management.

Raised in a pet friendly home I grew up surrounded by cats, dogs, birds, fish and the occasional pet rat, I was inspired to pursue a career involving animal care and as soon as I turned 17, I set out to discover all the industries that involved working with animals.

In 2013 I graduated from the University of Western Australia with a bachelor of science in zoology and conservation, over the course of which I spent my breaks travelling and visiting animal sanctuaries and facilities around the world. During my years volunteering in shelters, clinics and sanctuaries I was always amazed at the vet nurses and vets that I’d meet and the things they could do and as soon as I graduated I focused on achieving my certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

During my studies in veterinary nursing I was introduced to the benefits of training your pet to cooperate in their own care. I quickly realized that a lot of problems that bring your pet into a veterinary clinic could be easily prevented or at least reduced if people knew how to train their pets to cooperate in their own care. By desensitizing your pet to routine procedures such as nail trims, ear cleaning, eyes and mouth checks etc. you can reduce and eliminate a lot stress and anxiety for both you and your pet.

Once I realized the benefits and potential that result from understanding training and its application I set out to learn as much as I could about different techniques and uses. I applied for and was accepted into the Exotic Animal Training and Management program at Americas Teaching Zoo, Moorpark College in California. For the next two years, for seven days a week I studied and worked with a range of animals learning all aspects of their care and management and how to train behaviours using only positive reinforcement.

With my passion for veterinary medicine I devoted myself to learning as many training techniques as possible that can be applied to managing long term illness’s, age related impairments, injuries, and general care and maintenance of health.

I understand your pet is unique and you have a busy life, which is why I will come to you and create a training plan tailored specifically to your lifestyle. With a few simple techniques and an understanding of animal behaviour I can help you and your pet have the best relationship possible, and you can relax knowing that you have all the steps in place to allow you to care for your pet through all stages of its life.

Hope to see you soon!

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