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Training and Behaviour 

  In Home Consultations

    Initial consultation 1.5 hours                     $150

     Follow up                                                 $80 per hour


*Pensioner discounts available

 Adult Shelter/ Rescue Adoption Dogs

* There are so many dogs abandoned in shelters that deserve a good home and sadly a lot of these dogs are often returned because of a behavioural issue. We offer discounted rates to all that adopt and are willing to help these dogs learn how to be well behaved members of the family.   

         Initial consultation 1.5 hours                    $ 120

        Follow up                                               $65 per hour


Walk and Train

 Have  your trainer accompany you on your trip to the park, beach or river and work on behaviours in the real world. 

            Half hour                                                         $40

           One hour                                                          $75

           1.5 hours                                                          $100


Mobile Veterinary Nursing Services

  $40 call out fee + services

  Sunday and after hours (6pm onwards) call out $60

* if services are over $60 call out fee is waived, excluding Sundays and public holidays. 

  Services available :


       Full complimentary health check


       Nail trim                                                                $25

       Ear clean                                                               $20

       Anal gland expression                                         $35

      Administering medication                                    $20-$30 

            Pricing depends on medication and method of administration; oral, optical, aural, injectable 

       Light grooming                                                    $20-$60  

          Pricing depends on level of matting and size  of animal


     Package Deals

         nails + ear clean                                                   $35

         nails + ear clean +anal glands                           $65

         nails + ears + gland +  grooming                       $90



*If your pet requires regular  nursing  visits a heavily discounted rate will be offered

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